3 Ways To Prioritise Yourself, Even If You’re Breastfeeding Right Now Here’s how you can feel your best while breastfeeding.

Mother breastfeeding her baby.

Dr Vikram Murthy, GP at Harley Street Dr and co-founder of Murthy Health.
says it is important to be aware of the pressures of breastfeeding and be open to asking for help, which is available.

He says: “It is good to have some time to yourself even a few minutes of respite can help greatly. Engage your partner and family or friends to help you as all are aware of the struggles of managing a baby.

“Practice gratitude and mindfulness and focus on deep breathing and relaxation techniques. If you find breastfeeding too much do not be afraid to consider expressing milk and asking your partner family or friends to help with feeds. Remember it is important to ensure you are well first as if you are not your baby cannot thrive!”

At the end of the day, don’t be afraid to lean on friends and family for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed. This could be getting their help to meal prep, or even just taking some time out for yourself.

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