Health Screening

Through our tailor made health screenings we can monitor already pre-existing medical conditions or have an opportunity to identify or even prevent a medical condition developing.
Everyone is unique and their needs differ, so Harley Street Dr offer a wide range of screening packages that are tailored to your individual needs. Below are some of the services and tests we offer. To book an appointment or for more information please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 203 633 5765, alternatively you can email us at

– Well man or Well woman medicals – are tailor made to meet your personal medical and physical needs.
– Senior man or Senior woman medicals – are designed to monitor and maintain the best possible level of health in your senior years.
– DVLA Group 2 – HGV/Bus D4 medicals
– Motor Sports Association (MSA) medicals
– Private hire licence medicals (providing the local authority do not specify an NHS GP)
– Visa medicals
– Insurance medicals (where they do not specify their own GP)

We are able to request and book most imaging requests. Any imaging will be requested only post an initial consultation and for the purpose
of diagnosing and treating your medical problem.
– X-rays
– Ultrasound Scans
– Pregnancy Scans
– DEXA (Bone Density Scans for Osteoporosis)
– MRI Scans (located less then a minute from our consulting rooms is an Open MRI Scanner for patients who suffer from claustrophobia)
– CT Scans
– PET Scans
– SPECT Scans

We offer specialist blood tests for tumour markers, which can better quantify your risk of contracting certain cancers. Cancers we can check include:
– Bowel Cancer
– Breast Cancer
– Ovarian Cancer
– Endometrial Cancer
– Stomach Cancer
– Liver Cancer
– Prostate Cancer
– Other forms of cancer can also be tested for. Should results show an increased risk of a certain cancer, we can refer directly to a specialist locally, nationally or internationally.

We offer cervical smears at our clinic which can be undertaken by either a male or female doctor.

We provide pregnancy tests which are sent to a laboratory to ensure accuracy with the result. We are also able to provide pregnancy assessment scans and can help support our patients through their natural or IVF pregnancy by providing them with vitamins and mineral supplements, ordering regular blood tests and if required working in collaboration with their IVF clinic.
If you need help with IVF, please book in for a consultation and we can commence you on treatment, undertake blood tests and refer you on to a specialist fertility clinic.

We are able to perform a 10 Lead ECG in clinic and provide the report the same day. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 203 633 5765, alternatively you can email us at We are also able to arrange an Exercise ECG or 24 hour monitoring should your medical concerns require it. Your ECG would be read by a cardiologist who would provide a full and
comprehensive report.

We can take your blood test in our clinic and have most results of routine blood tests back within 4 hours, however, more complex tests may take longer but we strive to have the results returned to us as soon as they are available from the laboratory.

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Our other clinic location’s include: Kensington, Sevenoaks and Kent

0203 633 5765

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